A Japanese Dream

So me and my cousins eating dinner discussing bout the alpha omega release.

Cousin 1: Which starter you gonna get?

Cousin 2: Treeko la

Bro: Yea Treeko’s so cool

Me: I want mudkip!!!

Cousin 1: But Mega swampert so ugly leh

Cousin 3: That’s not the real question.

*everyone looks at cousin 3*

Cousin 3: Are you planning to get a feebas

//when it releases//

P.Birch: Choose your starter

Me: sorry, but do you have a feebas?


thank you for joining us at the beyblade funeral. let it RIP

somehow knows the anime op before even watching the anime

school tomorrow

*digs a hole*


they make laptop harnesses so you can walk and blog at the same time


"They" ain’t the first